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Today's Quote--"Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me..."

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Yep still here

Yep still here

Quote of the day? "Bingo, Seaturtle in Boots"
It's funnier in sign language.

Yep, still alive. Still struggling with balancing my life. But doing okay overall. Soooo busy! I'm hoping to get going on an online lit course as well as my other summer courses. I have August off, so it'll be online course and big Wedding prep! I'm really excited about next year.

Oh yeah, seeing everyone in the past three months has been awesome! I love ya'll.
Okay, I should get back to class. Anywho...
I might be a research assistant, and I might quit my job in January. We'll see what happens.

Okay, I feel better, I communicated my continued existence to my friends.
Call me...I miss ya'll...
Oops...stuck this on the wrong blog!!!!!
I'm such a dork.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Are you bored yet?
Just wanted to update that I'm still alive. I'm in tech class, learning how to blog. ;) Among other things. School is going great...I teach my first lesson tomorrow morning...wish me luck! I'm iffy on my master teacher, but I'm almost done, so it's okay. And then I'll have another field experience next semester...oh joy! No, I love the kids. It's all this evaluation that's a pain. But then again, I think that is the issue with most of our education system.

Okay, I need to go back to class. But I'm really busy with school and work...did I mention I've been promoted. Yeah more hours...boo more hours! :D So that's why no one has heard from me. I'm working on it, though!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Today's Quote--"Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me..."
And to miss JP, too, of course. :D
So I'm all growed up at 23 now.
Just a quick note, so ya'll know...Ed and I picked a date. :D
February 29.
The next one.
That'd be 2008.

Oki doki
Other than that...life's going good. My parents gave me their big oldsmobile...so I have a car now! I registered it today...I've never owned my own car before. I know soon it'll be a burden, but right now, it feels pretty cool.
Work's going...okay. I made a new friend! Hee hee, we like those.
I start school tomorrow...every Wednesday night. :D I'm super excited! Looking at the books I bought I think it'll be pretty interesting and good. I got great financial aid, so it looks like I'll be able to afford school...I'll just have big bills when I'm done!!
Righto, off to put new plates on the car...MY car!
hee hee...

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Today's Quote--"Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me..."--??
Yeah, Ed just makes me feel like that.

So my brillent revelation for today is...
By realizing the true nature of a "best friend" I can now appreciate the beauty and joy in all my other friends.

It seems like as a little girl my quest was always to find a "best friend". Granted I occasionally found them, but in the end they all either abandoned me or the relationship fell apart. So when I went to SUA, I guess I was still looking for that life-long "best friend." I learned, however, that a best friend realtionship has to be mutual. I couldn't make anyone my "best friend", everyone of my friends seemed close to someone else and my misunderstanding of that kind of relationship preculded me from attempting to get too close to anyone who already appeared to have a "best friend."

Thinking about who I truely consider my 'best friend', who I feel like I can share everything always, I realize I have three people, my mother, my father, and Ed who fulfill that role in my life now. It might sound like that now rules out all my other friends from being close, but by resolving this mental conflict, finishing this quest to find that "BEST FRIEND" role, I can now approach all my friend relationships without demands.

Now that I'm not searching for a best friend, I can enjoy all the wonderful things about each and every one of my beautiful friends.

Just thought I'd share that with you all. Now I don't have expectations for our relationships, I just get to enjoy them. All of them. :D

So yeah. Life is about to get really interesting and busy. I'm now Inland Northwest Area's YWD leader. Yep...really interesting.

So off again!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Today's Quote--"I hate stupid people."--Me
And there seemed to be just so many of them out and about today. *sigh*

I'm going to Denver! Yeah! Thanks to a lot of help from my parents...my dad and I are going together. :D I'm excited now! Hee hee!

Okay, that's all...just wanted to let ya'll know.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Today's Quote--"Zzzzzzz...Huh?! What? Oh...It's you again."--Me
Yes, I'm still here. So I got to see a bunch of you this past weekend at the '06 graduation. Wow. It's amazing how the reality of SUA is so much more real and pleasant and, well, real, than my life up here in Spokane. Granted it's real up here. I mean, working 7 days in a row over memorial day weekend is certainly a reality I have to live with, but still. It was nice to be home again. Of course Alli was missed greatly. But we still had fun. Sort of anyway. Amazing how such a good time can be so depressing! :D

I'm working on going to our West Zone SGI meeting in Denver, but it's looking like plane tickets might just be out of any price range I can afford. So we'll keep chanting about it. My parents want to go too, so we're working together on this one. :D

Otherwise, life is good right now. I moved back down to hardware, so I'm working with heavy tools again. Amazing how 3 months of clothes, towels, and pillows kinda makes you forget how heavy 6 piece power tool sets are. Whew! So I'm growing muscles again. It seems like everyone is leaving Sears right now to get jobs at a local WalMart that's turning into a 24 hour super center. Apparently the pay is better. I dunno. There's a Babies 'R Us opening across the street from my apartment and they're hiring, so maybe I'll check them out. I'll be less likely to shop while I work there. ;) Not that I'm really looking to switch jobs...it's just frustrating sometimes.

For those who haven't been in the loop...
I got into Gonzaga's MIT program and I'll start in the fall. I should have my masters and elementary teaching certificate in May or June 2008. By which time I hope to be Mrs. Rabbitt, or Mrs. Rorie-Rabbitt, or Mrs. Rorie, or Mrs. Rabbitt-Rorie...or Whatever. But that's another story.
I'm going to be a bridesmaid in Vicky's wedding which is just so way cool I can't even express it. After being gone for 4 years it's nice to know that all my old High School friends still love me. 'cause of course I love them!

I'm just really busy doing what seems like nothing right now, but I can't wait to start school again. Apparently the only course I need to take because my undergrad edcuation just didn't cover it well enough is, drumroll please, Washington State History. Big surprise on that one. SUA in California wasn't real big on making sure everyone learned Washington state history...though perhaps they should have been. ;)

Well, I'm off to go dye my hair red. :D I'm way to excited about that.
It was great to see everyone and I can't wait for us all to get together again soon. Maybe the next alumni meeting. Or my wedding. Eventually right? RIGHT!!!!!
Later ya'll!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Today's Quote--"She'll be coming 'round the mountain when she comes,"--Folk song
I dunno, it just fits.

Yes...I'm still alive, and still without regular internet access. Hence the long abscence. Not much has changed, though. I'm doing well in my job, Ed and I are making ends meet, and I'm loving every minute of it. We've had discussions about actually getting married, and we'll be coming up with a date soon...well, this year anyhow. I'll let you know when we set a date.

I'm missing SUA...especially all the drama. I just now got all the emails from the alumni association about calander changes. Not having regular email access is seriously dampening my abilities to participate in the debate. Ah well...would I participate anyway? Probably not.

I have almost everything done with my applications...I only need BF's recomendation and everythings done. Gonzaga's deadline is March 1...so I should be hearing from them sometime next month...and who knows about Eastern. Me and my old application. But I should hear from them soon too. Then I'll have to be a scholarship hunting fool...:D

I know I'm going to become a teacher. At random points during the day I come up with lesson plans. Scary. But...again, when I know, ya'll will know.

So off again into that wild blue yonder.

Oh yeah, and the rest of that line from my last post...
"Bokura omoi mo, itsuka-dareka mune ni, hikari o tsuzuke yo, ano hoshi no you ni."
And in our memories, someday-in someone's heart, the light will continue, just like that star.

Hee hee...gotta love it. Oh yeah, and I've been dreaming in Japanese again recently. *sigh* I need to study Kanji again.


Friday, January 06, 2006

Oh yes...and does anyone else find it disturbing that Tim was the first in our class to get married?

What does that say about us, really? We're desperate...just not desperate enough, like him. Hmmmmmmm...

OH, and I got my second teacher test results came back...and I passed! With flying colors, actually. (like anyone had any doubt) 195 out of 200. I even got an award from the test makers for scoring in the top 15% of all test takers over a five year period. Whoo hoo for me. You think that'll make it any easier to get into grad school?

Nah, me neither.

Today's Quote--"Ano hoshi no you ni..."--Orange Range, "Asterik"
Just like that star....

Okay, so it's like the only line I can sing along to in that song...the rest is rapid-fire Japanese rap...though I like it for some reason.

Paying for internet is wrong. I wish it would just be free. So, needless to say, my posts are really going to be sparse...I don't wanna pay $3.95 for 2 hours, like I am right now. Or any money for a monthly thing that isn't at my house. Not having a phone line or cable, though, makes it hard to have it there. Sooo...it's back to hanging out downtown. :D

Happy New Year!
Um, I sent most of your gifts off this week...the rest will be coming soon. :D Housewares is kinda cool...I now know how to fold towels...officially. Amazing, I know. But since they're being butts and I've only got 10 hours next week...I'm going to find another part-time job. Hey JP, you think they'd hire me to be your assistant? If only you lived closer or they would pay for internet for me...then I think it could work. ;)
And if Ann and Alli wind up in Seattle, all we have to do is convince Sammi that Florida is too hot and has hurricanes, and tell AnD that life is always better on the coast...the north west coast. ;) And then we can all go visit Pooh Bear together! :D You know you want to move to Portland, Pooh Bear! Heck, I wanna move to Portland. :D But here I'll stay for awhile yet.

Well, it's Ed's turn to use our short (but expensive) internet time, so if you want to talk, or hear how life's going, or bitch about your gift not showing up before New Years...then give me a call. Or write me a letter. Either way...I'd love to hear from ya'll. :D

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Today's Quote--"Have I ever mentioned that I hate packing?"--Me
Yes, yes I believe I have. Well...I still do.

My room in the basement is looking more and more empty, but I'm still not all moved out. And the apartment is a mess because I've been just too busy and not home to clean it. So since I gave my hours away on Friday...and I have at least 6 days off starting today...Tomorrow I'm gonna start cleaning and finishing putting away boxes. If only my parents didn't keep giving me more crap to try to put away. There's just no room!!!!

As for the New Year's gifts...they really are close to being done and mailed off...but it probably won't happen until Friday...which means ya'll won't get 'em before New Years. So deal with it. It's not procrastination...it's stress.

And Sammi...you're not a dork...you're desperate. Besides...you just might find him that way...don't give up until you've tried everything...and then...well, don't give up until the cats outnumber your neigbors. ;)

ED's christmas sounded like a blast...I wish mine had been better. I don't know if it was the move, the sheer annoyance at Christmas music from work, or the lack of any gifts that I really wanted that made it gloomy, but something was just not right this year. I feel like there was this big hole...but I guess it just means that next year will be better. :D

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